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A musical journey

Ever since I can remember I have been making music. I grew up surrounding artists like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. I started  secretly playing on my moms old guitar and experimented with the sounds. Soon my parents got me into guitar lessons and singing classes too. I wrote my first song when I was 10 and I never stopped making new ones.

Going through high school I was challenged to perform more and develop myself as a songwriter. After graduating I released my first album on June 14th 2019: Lights On.

I moved to Amsterdam soon after where I planned to do further pursue my musical journey. Soon however the Covid-19 pandemic hit. I found comfort in making music and started recording more and more song in my bedroom studio. Going through a mixture of emotions during the pandemic, I soon had a wide range of songs. I decided to call the album The Lost, The Lonely & The Lovers. It was released in november 2020 through an online performance.

Through my academic career and experiences within the queer community in Amsterdam, I found myself more and more concerned with the social inequalities surrounding me. I started writing songs more external to me about every day situations I read about or stories I heard. It became an inspiration for a new album. Liberate Me will be released in June 2022 and will mark a new era in my music. Music that challenges political established conceptions and gives a voice to those often silenced.

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