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New album coming soon! First three singles out, see lyrics below!

Muziek: Welcome

What Do We Do

Screaming from our lungs which are polluted by emissions

And toxic waste in the ground

Crossing the ocean to a better place

There are waves of plastic in the way, Which we create

What do we do when the tides keep rising

And birds stop flying

And we’re on fire

And the flames getting higher

There’s no water to stop it grow

So we flee our homes, but there’s nowhere to go

This planet is our only home

Feeding animals just to see them grow five years old

And ending up at the newest burger place on the side of the road

Chopping trees, trying to squeeze another plan unto the land

Selling wood, so we can make and sell some needless goods

Chasing profits

From the office

On the other side of the world

A young generation

That’s filled with frustration

Wondering who will take control

And fight for a green goal

This song was written for and about the climate.
Het bovenstaande nummer is geschreven voor en over het klimaat.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat


Of all the chicks and girls I know

Almost all have been involved

In this crazy shitshow

Where they lost the control

She is a woman of flesh and blood

But you’re only proud that you guys ****

She said stop a million times

Yet you figured it was alright

Now she walks around on her tiptoes

She invited you into her home

The ground made of egg shells

Now that danger is always close

Thinking it’s on her

Parading in tight clothes

When you ought to know better

Than thinking she’s yours to own

These days she’s afraid to be alone

You say her eyes wanted me

But you never let her speak

You say that she asked for it

That’s some unjustifiable shit

And it still makes her freak

To see someone like you on the street

You’ve got a story worth bragging rights

But she’s never the same since that night

Even though her daddy said so, baby girl  be watchful

You invade her home

She froze 

And now she’s afraid to be alone

This song was written for and about people who have encountered sexual abuse in any sense of the word.
Het bovenstaande nummer is geschreven voor en over mensen die te maken hebben gehad met seksueel geweld in elke vorm van het woord.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat



Look at me
And not through

I am blue
You're color blind
Don't make me hide

Open your eyes
And set me free
By letting me be
Letting me be

You cage me
Block my sight
Tell me I'm wrong
Tell me to step in line

If I am strange
What would you change?
That I'm just blue
On your sunny day

I look around
With closed eyes
I get tired
From too much light

My pace is slow
Close to home
But you don't wait
Lost in the maze

Shame and blame
Fill my days
If I don't behave
Don't accommodate

Embrace me
Catch my fear
Shine your sun
On my blue day

Don't make me defend
Don't patronize what I say
I've known blue days
On a sunny day

Society don't dismiss me
So rather easily
Society don't judge me

By solely what you see

This song was written about mental health and meant to raise awareness.
Het bovenstaande nummer is geschreven over mensen mentale gezondheid en wil hiervoor meer bewustwording creëren.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat

Place Yourself In Someone Else's Shoes

Place yourself in someone else's shoes
Imagine being born trapped in a body
Not embraced and protected as your skin surrounds
But held captive as you feel your being is not allowed

And as you try to find balance and figure it out
Your body keeps developing, your chest screaming loud
You imagine shedding your skin to change its look
You try to hide and cover, being your own worst crook

And what you feel in your heart to truly be you
Is attacked by intrusive ideas that confuse even more
Every mirror is a reminder of what you not wish to be
Every night sleeping you feel body parts you wish would leave

To make matters worse you are constantly questioned
You are expected to have an answer and to know what you wish
Though feeling disoriented from the way my body carries me
Does not mean I know how for godsake it should be

I have always felt it to be wrong and not fitting
Like a pair of heavily oversized clothing or too tight strings
An attempt to find a one size fits all suit is impossible
To demand me to shape as such seems irresponsible

If somebody would call you out by the wrong name
Would you accept it or walk up to them to complain?
To me that happens on a daily base
To the point where it gets tiring to even try to make my case

Defeated, anxious, unaccepted and strange
You make me feel all of that because I want to change
Change my body so it can feel to me as a home
For my body to me my friend instead of feeling so alone

You might not fully grasp all of these notions
It's complexity haunts me and distresses me as well
Yet I know that as it stands I am not the best version of me
All I wish is to release this inner demon and feel free

I just wanna be free
I just wanna be me

This spoken word poem was written for the transgender community.
Het bovenstaande spoken word gedicht is geschreven voor de transgender gemeenschap.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat


Call ‘m gay

Call ‘m straight

Call ‘m bi

You only want to clarify

Through the glasses

Society has given us

Call ‘m boy

Call ‘m girl

Like an identity and no more

Call us a crazy specimen

But inside we are all human

If you are surrounded with what you know

How can you be judgmental about the unknown

You see people like yourself on the TV

You don’t know what it’s like to be me

Oooooh oh (can you hear me now)

Oooooh oh (I’m screaming out loud)

Oooooh oh (can you love me now)

Oooooh oh (I’m standing proud)

Call ‘m weird

Call ‘m odd

Call ‘m sly

As you try to classify

With the words

Society has given us

Call ‘m names

Call ‘m out

Like a stranger and no more

Call us crazy specimen

But inside we’re all human

This song was written for and about the queer community.
Het bovenstaande nummer is geschreven voor en over de queer gemeenschap.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat

Human Library

What does freedom mean
When we're head-locked
In balancing everyone's needs

What does freedom mean
If you suffer from a disease
That no one can see

What does freedom mean
If it's golden glasses we're wearing
When we read the latest news

What does freedom mean
If my behaviour is the root
To someone else's pain

Human library liberate me
Teach me what I cannot see
I wish to relate to every human being
Human library liberate me
From my ignorance
And raise me to embrace
The differences we store here

What does freedom mean
If I fall asleep
With a kid hungry on the streets

What does freedom mean
If you drown in loans
Working day and night jobs while studying from home

What does freedom mean
If families fight and fall apart
Over a money wasted heart

What does freedom mean
When the heart aches at times
From the world turning a blind eye

What does freedom mean

If we let other people stay
In a ruined country
After the mess we made

What does freedom mean
If we judge with our eyes
And decide to listen
To whoever's nearby

This song was written to teach people about the concept of the Human Library and to invite them to look past their prejudice. 
Het bovenstaande nummer is geschreven om mensen bekend te maken met het concept van de Human Library en mensen uit te nodigen hun oordelen achterwege te laten.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat

I'm Good

I've been studying all the books
About right and wrong
Seems to me it doesn't get much clearer
What to do if you read for too long

I guess what most people do
Is trust their gut or god above
Go with the flow or follow, follow their heart

But I think I'm good
If I look inside I'm good
I think I'm good
All I know is I tried to be good

Seems there's not a lot of things that's fair
Nature just goes how it wants to go
The sun's been out yet I've been stuck at home
Things been slow, doing chores in the household

Eventhough I got all the knowledge in the world
Still not sure what is right and wrong
Oh maybe maybe maybe, I've been bad all along

Look at me, tell me what do you see?
I believe I'm good, do you believe it too?

This song was inspired by my philosophy course on ethics.
Het bovenstaande nummer is geïnspireerd op mijn filosofie lessen over ethiek.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat

You Matter

You tell me you don't feel alive
You're tired all the time, you don't feel it but say you're fine
The clothes on your body, you're wearing for somebody
Who's never gonna see you like I do
Your heart makes you suffer like rain in the summer
Your brain hits the breaks and shuts down

We're gonna fight this world
We're gonna fight this pain
And I want you to know that we're pretty much the same
Life is hard on everyone but you're right where you belong
You matter in this world, there's nothing you do wrong

Your voice sounds twist and torn
You wear your face like a mask, but I know it's all a mess
Your eyes look so fierce with the dried-up tears
You cried last night by thinking of the time
No one even cared about the feelings that you shared
But baby I want you to know

And when I look at you
I see someone
Who fights all day
And lies awake at night
Thinking of better times
Wishing for changing tides
But you're still standing
Here with me

This song was written by my friend Niamh van den Heuvel to give me strength during a hard time. 
Het bovenstaande nummer is geschreven door mijn goede vriendin Niamh van den Heuvel om mij te steunen in een moeilijke tijd.

Raisa Mulder

Muziek: Citaat


Bedroom recordings 28 november 2020

Vol enthousiasme kan ik vertellen dat er een tweede album op Spotify staat. Deze keer opgenomen in mijn ‘Home Studio'. Ik ben heel blij met het resultaat dat echt helemaal ik is, maar tevens ook voor iedereen herkenbaar: songs for The Lost, The Lonely & The Lovers. 

Sinds corona zijn we met z’n allen in een nieuwe samenleving beland. Een samenleving van afstand, isolatie en ontsmettingsmiddelen, waarbij een groot deel van het leven zich afspeelt in de digitale wereld. Het is ook een tijd van samenhorigheid, een tijd van omkijken naar mede buurtbewoners en een tijd van aandacht voor de natuur om je heen. Hoe je deze corona tijden ook beleeft, een ding is zeker: de anderhalvemetersamenleving maakt veel emoties los. 

Ik bevond mezelf in zeeën van tijd en veelal weer bij m’n ouders op de zolderkamer. Geïnspireerd door de beelden van ontroerde zingende Italianen op hun balkons en door de veranderende wereld om me heen, begon ik met het opnemen van nieuwe nummers, die ik op SoundCloud releasde als ‘Quarantine Sessions’. Langzaamaan borrelde er een nieuw plan omhoog, een plan voor een tweede album op Spotify.

De eerste single,‘Somebody Else’, kwam eind september uit en de tweede single 'The Promised Land' eind oktober. Op 12 november kwam de derde single 'Alone on the weekend'. Met de online release op 28 november is het album nu echt uit op alle streaming platforms! Lees de teksten van het album hieronder. Geniet ervan, laat me weten wat jij ervan vindt, deel het album met de mensen om je heen en zet de nummers in je afspeellijsten. Heel veel liefs, Raisa! 

Muziek: Welkom



Muziek: Discografie


I’m out of stories. I’m out of cares to give. Cause you are still not listening. I’m out of breath, fighting till the end. Why are you not seeing this? // Cause I’m drowning in my own fears. I keep forgetting how to swim. And you can keep on throwing lifelines, but they all keep missing me. And I’m running on a hill, but this hill’s too steep for me. And if I hadn't stopped breathing. You still wouldn’t see me. // I’m out of shows. I’m done pretending. If that’s uncomfortable for you, maybe you’ll see my side. I’m out of plans to make. I’m on the verge to break. Holding my hand out for someone to catch my grip. // I’m standing here. Right in front of you. Carrying a backpack that was made for two. And I have a map and I know how it should go. But I can’t seem to get my feet moving though.


I don’t wanna be a grown up today. I don’t wanna make decisions I can’t make. I don’t wanna walk on the right side. I just want you to stay mine. I don’t wanna be crying today. I wanna be reckless and not brave. I wanna give in and run back. I just want you with me. // And the saddest thing to see is the way you look at me. Like how we used to be so Happy. And now there’s just grief. And it’s so sad to know that you were my home and now we’re both alone. // Is this what it means to grow up? Cause if it is, I’d rather stop. I don’t care about the future, I feel it now. Do you think it could work somehow? Is this what it means to be brave? Cause I just wanna see your face
I don’t care about what makes sense. Do you miss me as a friend? // Do you still think about me then? You wish you were still my man? The weeks don’t feel the same , without you with me on our days.

IMG_4219 2.jpg


Don’t you see that I’m fighting. Don't you see that I'm trying. Don’t you see how your words bring me down. I wish I could be just like you. I wish we could stand together the way we used to. I feel like somebody else. Someone I hate. Someone I have yet to love and embrace. // Am I not allowed to dream? Am I not allowed to be? Is who I am not good enough to deserve dreaming of a place where I am unconstrained. A place where I can love me. A place where I feel free to dream. A place with a new reality. //  Don't you see that I'm losing. Don’t you see that I’m crying. Don't you see how my life changed right before my eyes. I wish I could go back. I wish I could  control the future for me. I feel like an actor on stage, someone who plays. Someone who lies and longs for past days.


You shine like the sun. You’re calm like the sea. We long for a place, where we can be the same. Your smile’s like a drug. You move like a song. We fly like the wind. Together we are always // In the promised land. Above the clouds, where the rain can’t fall down. I’ll hold your hand. You as my only crowd. This is our town. In the promised land, where can stand upside down and never fall out. // Your hair smells like summer rain. Your giggle gives my cheeks pain. We look into each other's eyes. We found the winning price. // And I see you smiling. You’re set in my heart and set in stone. The promised land is right here and you are my home.



It hurts to see what’s happening while I’m gone. Don’t wanna be jealous, but it lingers on. Long for a hand to hold me tight, for a shoulder to let me cry and let me stop from falling down. I get lost trying to get in control. I long for the things I cannot own. Showing the worst parts of me, but you’re not really seeing me. And I can’t seem to stop falling free. // Rain pouring down, my flames go out. I long for the sun to wrap around. The body that sweeps
The body that’s cold. The body that’s no longer feeling strong. I think, I feel and I want it all. Imagine life where I do it all just like you. // Don’t wanna bother you, you’re free to go. Still I can’t help but feeling all alone. Wanting to live as I used to back then. Wanting to give you someone else, than the person that I am. // Out all night and I just lie. Excuses why can’t be alive. I’m so tired of pretending. So tired of wanting to be where I cannot be.


Emptiness surrounding me. I look around it’s all I see. It scares me how it controls me. How it’s still there after I try to leave. I suffocate no room to dream. I run and run but it comes back to me. Harder and harder till I can’t see. Emptiness, won’t you set me free. // Dare to dream. Dare to dream. Even with the pain inside of me, I dare to dream. Fight the streams. Fights the streams. Of the tears trying to drown me. If I dare to dream, I set myself free. // Loneliness is filling me. I search for something to complete me. I keep running from questions around. I don’t wanna be found. If I dare to dream I find myself, after a two day streak facing reality. I bow my head and sadness speaks. I’m back, in my own society. // It’s scary to fall off your throne. To allow yourself to be alone. To ease the pain that’s holding I should face my fears and dare to dream.



You can hold my hand if the world is trembling. If the sun’s behind the clouds. If you are moving too fast. Ever so turbulent, without looking around. If you are scared. Sweating, with your nails in your hand. If you’re in a free fall, no strings attached. You can lay your head on my chest. Close your eyes and rest. // All you have to do is ask. Don’t be afraid of what other people say. Standing by your side. It’s a pleasure to stay. // If you are calm. Down to earth and doing okay. Will you take me along? Steady as we go, enjoying every day. Through ups and down, if you need a friend. I’ll make the sun meet us halfway. Colorful days, you know where to find me. // As much as you wish . As much as you please. Love yourself. So I can reach your trouble and your happy place.


I can lean on her. She is more than I deserve. Her love is so pure, never felt anything so incredible. She is all I want. I look in the future. My magic ball is telling me that we’ll be sitting happily. I like to read to her. Feel her dozing off. Seeing her at peace I never want to sleep. // I am so at ease. Nowhere else I have to be. Please never leave. I've seen the other side. If it’s okay, I’d like to stay. // When she comes closer. It’s like she’s a part of me. I wanna be the best version. I could possibly be. // Your heart is kind. Your eyes locked with mine. And I am home.



I’m sorry I don’t know your friends. I’m sorry that I don’t hang with them. I’m sorry that there’s nothing to show off cause I hide back in my head. // You’re my princess. My other half. I know I’d feel empty having to show up without you on my left. You’re my princess who deserves all the dates she can have. You’re my princess and nothing less. // I’m sorry that I can’t show you the plans that I make in my head. I’m sorry your friends still wonder what I’m like in real life. // It’s not that I don’t fight. It’s not that you’re not worth it. It’s not that I don’t want to. I know that the plan is right. It’s me and my thoughts. My head’s in the way of me standing next to you. Cause that’s where I should be.


I should write a happy song, but I can’t. Why is my head always fighting the other end? It’s like a seed planted inside of me. It just starts growing until I can’t see. // And I burst. Oh I burst. And I try so hard to calm myself, but I need to burst. (And I try so hard to find myself. First I need to burst). // I should write a happy song, but I can’t. I’m overthinking what might happen in the end. And I get mad because I know that it’s bad. And I get sad and it’s me who did that. // You know what they say. You know how to behave. You know what is right and what is wrong. Why does it still not feel like black and white?



I’m going with the waves. I’m in a flowing state, my thoughts along with me. I’m thinking this and that but mostly you as the sun’s sinking in the sea. I carry you along under the blue skies. The sails are filled with wind. // I see an endless sea. Your smile in front of me. I float away from you. I’m waiting on the day that I arrive. I’ll take your hand, embrace your heart. Tell you where I’ve been. But anywhere I went, you were with me. // I’m sailing in the storms. The silver lining is coming through. The sunshine hits the deck. The waves are calming down paving the road to you. I carry you along. And I’m not scared cause you make me brave. // The sea shows no mercy. The sea is uncontrollable. The sea can’t be tamed. The sea is a wild form.The sea sets you free, makes you see
that there’s so much unknown.


Baby play my old records. Let the cracks fill my room. Let our hearts beat to the rhythm. Let our hearts fill the room. Baby do you know this song? Can you hear the thunder come? Pick a cover that you love. I cannot wait for ‘Here comes the sun’. // Sunshine on your cheeks. A breeze through your hair. We hear the people on the streets, but we are up here. Sunday morning vibes. Your big brown eyes staring in my pale blue eyes. Oh baby I’m on fire. // Baby dance with me. Move like a sex machine. Let our neighbours see and let us move freely. Baby read along with me. This feels like a movie scene. Let the lyrics seduce. I can’t wait for ‘Johnny B. Goode’. // Listening to old records in my room (This feels like a movie scene).

IMG_4199 2.jpg


I’m sitting here by myself. The walls are closing in. There’s no one to listen to. No one to ask me about. I hear the neighbors talk late at night in the yard. I listen to the stories they tell. They have so much to talk about. // Alone on the weekend, while everyone’s out. I wish I did something else than talking out loud. // The traffic is passing by. People leaving and going home, but I ain’t been nowhere tonight besides laying in my bedroom. So I grabbed my guitar and played. Strummed each string like a friend. The melodies warming me. Getting me ready for bed. I am ready for bed. // Alone on the weekend, while everyone’s out and I’m right where I belong singing and writing out loud. I am singing and writing about. Singing and writing out loud.

Poster_LLL_final (1).jpg
Muziek: Welkom


Debuut album 14 juni 2019

Muziek: Welkom

Op 14 juni was de release van mijn debuutalbum in Scheltema. Het begon allemaal toen ik besloot om het jaar 2018/2019 als tussenjaar in te gaan. Ik wilde echter wel een opvulling voor dit jaar. Mijn droom om een eigen album op te nemen, werd steeds aantrekkelijker. Ik nam de beslissing het gewoon te gaan doen. Ik verzamelde een band om mee heen van mede-muzikanten uit de kroeg en vrienden van de middelbare school. Met wekelijkse repetities kwam het einddoel steeds dichterbij.

Begin maart begonnen we met de studio sessies. We maakten lange dagen, waarbij absolute concentratie op elk moment geboden was. Ik ging ook alleen de studio in, om de meer akoestische nummers op te nemen. Elke weekend klonk het meer en meer als een geheel. Na drie weekenden was het klaar.

Op 14 juni werd dit groots gevierd met vrienden en familie, die uit alle hoeken van het land kwamen opdagen. Het was een magische sfeer in Scheltema, waarna de afterparty tot in de late uurtjes zich voltrok in Schommelen. De CD is nu te koop voor €10 (bij interesse neem even contact op). Zorg ervoor dat je niets mist van mijn ontwikkeling, door je te abonneren. Liefs!!

Ps. Check het filmpje hieronder voor een kijkje achter de schermen in de studio...

Muziek: Over
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Muziek: Video's


14 juni 2019 te Scheltema, Leiden

Muziek: Tekst